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Processing Berries, Fruit, and Seeds

Every seed is unique.  Some are in pods and others in umbels.  Some are as strong as a steel BB and others are easily crushed.  Every seed has its own set of special needs.  We enjoy the puzzle of how to properly process each seed.

Our equipment allows us to do in minutes what would take hours by hand.  We can ensure that the seed is dried down to the proper moisture so that it will have a longer storage life and higher germination rate.

Our machinery includes macerators to dislodge seeds from other plant matter, a de-pulper to remove any flesh of berries or fruit, a winnowing machine to separate seed from other vegetative matter, highly accurate grading screens to further separate seeds and debris, submersion sifting tubs to separate out seeds that don’t contain embryos, a super-sized Dybvig to seperate pulp and drying racks to ensure proper moisture levels.

Our Custom Seed Processing Services can include any herb, vegetable, fruit or native plant.

We charge $40/hr to clean seeds.  In most situations it only takes 2 – 4 hours.  For cleaning around 1000 lbs of fleshy fruits, it takes about 8 hrs.  Feel free to call us with any questions, we are always happy to talk about seeds.



Collecting Native Seeds

Over our many years in the seed world we have become very skilled at seed collections.  Our equipment selection, harvesting strategies, and patch locations have become highly refined.  This enables us to be very efficient and pass that time savings on to our seeds.

The art of timing is one of the greatest challenges to harvesting seeds from remote locations.  Our phenology mapping has been refined over many years and typically enables us to be somewhere when the seeds are ready.  Also, Knowing the proper tools to use on what species can dramatically affect the overall cost of a collection.

If you need a species that we don’t offer then we will consider offering our expertise to help gather it for you.  We keep generally keep our seed picking within the inner northwest.  This area includes Eastern Washington to Western Montana and throughout most of Idaho.

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Consultation, Installation, and Site Planning

We can assist you in establishing plants on your property, Native or Non-native.  We assist clients with establishing windbreaks, preparing ground, cover crop planning, and Earthworks.  Our fee’s vary depending on the nature of the project.  We have years of experience in the wildlands and in the fields that we can offer to your project.  We can offer options from a simple visit with discussion and feedback to elaborate planning documents.  In certain cases we can make ourselves available to assist with project implementation.

The foundation for most of our services is our Site Analysis and Consultation process.  Every project is unique.  It has its own set of social, monetary, and ecologic circumstances.  We configure our suggestions and services to match the unique context of each project.

Our main goal is to create projects that last long enough for future generations to inherit them.

If you are interested in our services for Broad Acre Development, Food Forest development, Farm Earthworks, Native Plant Seeding or Hedgerow installations then use the service request below to provide a detailed project description.