The seed world has experienced a great loss.  In the summer of 2017 Seed Pioneer David Ronniger passed away.  He has left a powerful legacy that has reached thousands of people and countless landscapes.  Native Seed Foundation will continue on with the memory of David in mind. We will honor his practices of gathering high quality material and delivering clean fresh seeds.  Please note our recent change in location and contact information on the bottom of our website, please update your records to avoid any conflicts.

We are a small company that is making big change.  We are supported by the landscape that we live in.  For us there is no difference between landscape and livelihood.  We take great pride in providing quality seed for projects of all scales.  The joy in our work comes from constantly learning about the gift of plants and knowing that we are supplying the groundwork for amazing projects like yours.  We are glad we found each other, time to cross pollinate.